Ferragon Specialty Steel

Ferragon Specialty Steel utilizes the full power of Ferragon Corporation’s assets to produce highly engineered, tight tolerance specialty steels.

Ranging from carbon and alloy steel strip to HSLA, advanced high strength steel and harden & tempered grades, our tailor made steel is put to use in demanding applications such as:

  • Automotive components, body in white, BEV, seat structures and bumper systems
  • Auto and agricultural power transmission/clutch components
  • Fineblanking applications
  • Harden & tempered products
  • Roll forming

Innovation isn’t accidental, it’s very deliberate.

By bringing together advanced and truly unique processing capabilities, we’re changing the dynamics of the market. We are able to produce precision engineered, made to spec steel with unparalleled dimensional accuracy, property consistency and flatness.

You won’t find a more innovative, versatile specialty steel producer in the USA.

We can create a custom engineered grade that will help you meet the demands of today’s shifting marketplace while improving your product and reducing your costs.

Carbon/Alloy/HSLA: .015-.250
AHSS/Harden & Temper: .015-.090
Gauge Tolerances
.015-.099 +/- .00025
.100-.149 +/- .0003
.150-.199 +/- .0008
.200-.250 +/- .0010
Carbon/Alloy/HSLA: 60″ max
AHSS/Harden & Temper: 48″ max
15-90 RA
As-rolled or Electrogalvanized