Ferragon Specialty Steel exclusively produces tight tolerance steel that is highly customized to fit the needs of the markets we serve.

With complete control of the processing and supply chain, we are able to produce grades and properties that no one else in the market can match. Our steel is dimensionally precise with consistent properties and flatness, so it’s ready for the next steps in manufacturing.

Our metallurgists will work with you to engineer a product and process path that can eliminate manufacturing problems with your current material or help you adapt to market changes by altering or customizing grades.

We will hit any gauge, flatness, TY&E, microstructure, or Rockwell spec you need.

Our ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 registration and ISO 17025 lab accreditation are evidence of our commitment to quality products and continual improvement.

.015-.250 (0.40 – 6.35 mm)
AHSS/Harden & Temper: .015-.090 (0.40 – 2.2 mm)
Gauge Tolerances
.015-.099 +/- .00025
.100-.149 +/- .0003
.150-.199 +/- .0008
.200-.250 +/- .0010
Carbon/Alloy/HSLA: 60″ max
AHSS/Harden & Temper:
48″ max (12.2mm)
15-90 RA
As-rolled or Electrogalvanized