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Batch Annealing

With 24 Ebner hydrogen annealing bases, we provide remarkably efficient batch annealing throughput and fast turnaround. Featuring state-of-the-art design with high-tech drives and controls, our batch anneal furnaces are capable of handling 72″ OD coils up to 70,000 lbs. the finished product exhibits excellent physical properties with exceptional surface cleanliness.

Our on-staff metallurgists and a fully staffed Met Lab allow us to customize cycles to alter the physical properties of your steel to match your sales opportunities.

Batch Annealing (Ebner Hydrogen)

Gauge .381 to 12.7 mm (.015-.500)
Coil Width 457 mm (18″) min to 1828 mm (72″) max
Coil ID 508 mm (20″) min to 762 mm (30″) max
Coil OD 1168 mm (46″) min to 1828 mm (72″) max
PIW 122 kg (270 lbs.) min to 485 kg (1070 lbs.) max
Coil Weight 34,926 kg (77,000 lbs.) max
Temperature to 850°C (1560°F)

* Straight side wall required-Oscillation reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Temper rolling prior to anneal may be required.