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Our push/pull pickler provides the superior, scale free surface quality you need. With in-line shot blasting, you have the option of choosing pickled or pickled/shot blasted product.

We can process coils up to 80,000 lbs. (60,000 lbs. outbound) in widths up to 72 and gauges ranging from .060″ to .500″.

The pickle line also complements our annealing and cold rolling capabilities and is integral to our ability to convert hot rolled to cold rolled.

MATERIALS: Low carbon, high carbon, HSLA, alloy, ferritic stainless, others.


Gauge Width Length ID OD Max Weight Condition
Inbound .060/.625″ 24″-72″ 350″ Min 20″-32″ 44″-76″ 80,000#
Outbound .060/.625″
72″ Max up to .375″
60″ Max up to .500″
48″ Max up to .625″
24″ Only
Oil or Dry Shotblasted